Next Day Rising was founded on June 1, 2008 as Next Day Rising Productions, and is the realization of our owner, Joshua Nation's long awaited dream,

"I wanted to start a company that had the capability to aid small businesses and individuals that couldn't afford help with their media needs." 

For the first year of business Next Day Rising was a focused company, dealing in only video production.  In 2009 Next Day Rising became involved with several commercials all over the Oklahoma/Texas area, plus shot it's first short documentary, the critically acclaimed Facing The Guillotine: A Fighter's Life. Sporting events, weddings, everything was game for Next Day Rising.  The video business reached a new heights in 2010 when they signed on to work for the latest project for Lifetime Network!

Not to be outdone, in April of 2010 Mr. Nation shook things up.  This time he announced that Next Day Rising Productions would now be branch of Next Day Rising, LLC.  Along with it would be 3 brand new branches, Next Day Rising WebNext Day Rising Graphics, and Next Day Rising Animations.  With these four power-house branches, Next Day Rising would now be able to complete its original mission, aid businesses, bands, individuals, etc...in obtaining their media needs at affordable prices.

"No one was looking out for the little guy.  I talked to one gentleman who had a small business and he purchased a very base model website from a company.  He paid 3 times what we would have charged for it and it was over 6 months before the site was online.  On top of that, he has to contact them to update the site, and can never get in contact with them!  We simply want to help everyone be on the same playing field as it were in the media world."  

Next Day Rising is doing just that.  From their competitively priced websites and award winning animations to being the only production company shooting in High Definition as a standard in their area, Next Day Rising is truly living up to their motto...

"Bringing tomorrow's media to the people of today."